Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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** From Porto city centre: take train from Porto city centre (train stations: São Bento or Campanhã); Line: Aveiro; Direction  : Carvalheira-Maceda ** From airport: Take at the airport (Direction: Campanhã). Take train from Campanhã; Line: Aveiro; Direction  : Carvalheira-Maceda ** It is also possible to fly to Lisbon and then catch a train or a bus to Carvalheira-Maceda (3,15 hours). For detailed prices and schedules for buses, check out www.eva-bus.com and www.rede-expressos.pt For information about trains check out www.cp.pt and www.refer.pt When you arrive in the station call us to pick you up or you can walk here, it's only 5 minutes away.
The price only include the breakfast. The house has a kitchen fully equipped where it’s possible for visitors to prepare the meals and a fridge to storage food.
The hostel as no private car parking however. But it is possible to park the car in the street in front to the hostel.