We are a premium surf trips will guide you to a 12 km coastline in the North of Portugal, 50 minutes from Porto. It will be a lifetime journey with everything you will need and get for an unexpected surfing experience.

Surf guided by an expert on the region, the waves and the tides, the winds and the sandy bottoms along several peaks available to surf.
Plus, an expert advisor with all the conveniences that are expected on a Premium Surf Tourism operator: the right spot on the right schedule. The right place to have a reliable and comfortable meal. The right accommodation to rest, enjoy and recover of an unforgettable surf session. You will feel the pulse and get the feeling of such a remarkable region.

What we do (from 100€)

Our aim is to provide a Premium and unexpected life experience that involves surf lessons in uncrowded waves and beaches. Plus, high level gastronomy, premium accommodation and an intimate sense of place feeling, that you will reach with the tours that are suited for Easy Life lovers.

From 2 (minimum) to 6 surfers (maximum).

Beginners, medium and advanced level surfers are welcome, with a tailored program for each one: boards, wetsuits and monitors included, from one, two or three days.
When required, a Product Factsheet is available with detailed information. Just e-mail us and we will send it! Check our contacts.



Come with us and discover the beaches that only a real surfer know in Portugal!

All cross the Viana do Castelo town, Afife, Vila Praia de Âncora, Moledo and nature of Serra Dárga. You will never forget!

It's an opportunity to experience the surf lifestyle, Portuguese food and culture. You will love the North of Portugal and Atlantic Green Coast.

** Departure 9.30am (we pick you up at your accommodation)
** Arrive Porto 6pm

- Viana do Castelo
- Praia do Cabedelo - Viana do Castelo
- Praia de Afife
- Vila Praia de Âncora
- Praia de Moledo (one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal)
- Serra D'arga (a 10 minutes from the beach)

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