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João Diogo (JD, Johny D) started his surfing career in 1980, on the northern surf beaches of Portugal : Matosinhos, Porto, Azurara, Moledo do Minho, Maceda, Cortegaça, Esmoriz and Espinho. In 1994, he had to leave his career as a competitor so he began a new phase of his life, as a surfing teacher. As a result of that, he founded a school in which he sought to provide the highest quality surf education.

SURFING LIFE CLUB  is the pioneer surf school in Portugal.

In fact, it's recognized as “the original mobile surf school” and "first kids competition school" on the Portuguese beaches, operating since 1994.

The surf school is open all year around with programs and surf sessions for all needs.


When JD went on his 1st surf trip around the world and cross Australia, he wanted to bring to Portugal the Australian motto "life is a beach". That's why, he decided to open his surf school in Porto. More than 20 years already passed! Today Surfing Life Club continues to be a well known Porto Surf School.

João Diogo and the surf school are recognized with an award of merit by the Portuguese Ministry of Youth and Sport in 2001.

When in New Zealand, he loved the surf spirit, the hostels, the backpackers. That's why the dream of a Surf Camp came to life, remembering all the experience that he got in his traveling! That's how PortoSurf was born as Maceda Surf Camp!


Maceda Surf Camp

Maceda Surf Camp is 30 km from Porto, surrounded by nature and pure calm.

A couple of years ago, JD found the house with 5000m2, near a natural park and opened the Maceda Surf Camp. A nature paradise with fruit trees, near the beach and nature reserve, with excellent conditions for all kind of surfing, kite surfing and stand up paddle.


With all the passion that moves them, Maceda Surf Camp invites YOU to experience the life of a surfer. Check out our prices for surf packages and accommodation!


Our invitation

Join our fully guided adventure, run away from city crowds and explore remote beaches. Enjoy this adventure time and the awesome waves of the Portuguese Atlantic coast. Experience summer beach parties, make new friends, relax, enjoy the sun, the Atlantic Ocean and the sand while you learn how to surf.

Whether you're travelling and want to get away for a few days, or just looking for a great surf lesson, PortoSurf offers you an exciting experience. Besides the surf lessons, we have tours and lessons from Porto to Sagres, passing by Peniche and Maceda beaches, everyday of the week.


João Diogo Pinto Dos Santos


JD, with 30 years of experience in surfing, created the 1st mobile surfschool in Portugal, open 365 days a year. He trains young pro surfers to compete at the highest level and travelled to 4 continents to surf all kind of waves. He’s a lifeguard and used that experience to teach surfing programmes to young students in many schools. He also developed projects for mental disabled children and people suffering from autism, as well as holidays surf camps for kids, kitesurf classes, stand up paddle classes, birthday parties, and surf trips around Portugal.


Sofia Rodriguez

Sofia esta no final da licenciatura em educação Física. É coordenadora dos campos de férias . Actualmente está de corpo e alma na Surfing Life Club.


Tomás Fleming

With 10 years of experience, he has surfed in all of the world's oceans, surfing the waves of Brazil, England and Indonesia. But it is in Portugal that he prefers to catch his waves. Newcomer to the school, he is full of ambition to create new projects at Porto Surf and Surfing Life Club.


Nuno Machado

He has been a surfer since he was 13 years old and an instructor for the last 5 years. He has a degree in Physical Education and Sports. He's got plenty of teaching experience in holiday camps and at all levels of learning: beginner, intermediate and advanced surfing.